1  Competitions

The GBA (Women’s Division) will conduct under Bowls England Regulations and Rules, 4 Wood Singles (21 shots), 2 Wood Singles (21 ends), Pairs (21 ends), Triples (18 ends), Fours (21 ends), Senior Fours (18 ends), Junior 4 Wood Singles (21 shots) and Junior Pairs (18 ends) Competitions.  These Competitions will lead to the National Championships.

They may also arrange County Champion of Champions (21 shots) (open to the winner of the 4 Wood Singles competition from any affiliated club – in the event of any one person qualifying from more than one club only one entry will be accepted), Unbadged 4 Wood Singles (21 shots) (open to any member of an affiliated club who has not been ‘badged’ prior to the competition entry date) and Interclub Competitions.

Teams entering games leading to the National Championships must register all players’ names on the County Competition Entry Form.

The named contact is the conduit for all communication.  If the named contact alters for any reason, that reason and the new named contact must be registered with their Area Competition Secretary

All players entering competitions must be affiliated to the County.

2 Format

         For games leading to the National Championships

     The dates for all competitions must be strictly adhered to at all times

With the exception of the 2 Wood Singles and the Senior Fours, the rounds leading up to and including the ¼finals will be played on a set date, on challengers’ green and the start time agreed mutually.  The start time will be between 10.00am and 6.00pm.  No-one can be forced to play before 6.00pm in these early rounds.  The Challenged, where possible, should be allowed to draw a rink from those available for play.

Semi-finals will be arranged by the Competition Secretaries on a set date, neutral green, with 6.00pm start time.

2 Wood Singles will be played up to and including the semi-finals on a set date on green/s arranged by the Competition Secretaries.  The draw will be made on the day.  Players must register their presence by 9.30am.  Players should endeavour to bring markers.  In the event of insufficient markers being present players will be expected to make up the numbers. The Senior Fours will be on a play by date basis on challengers’ green. In each round, the Challenger to offer at least three dates for play, one of which must be on a weekend, time to be mutually agreed (as above). The semi-finals will be arranged by the Competition Secretaries on a set weekend date, neutral green, normally with a 10.00 for 10.30am start time.

For games played within the County

The Champion of Champions and Unbadged are played on a ‘play by date’ basis on challengers’ green.  In each round, the challenger to offer at least three dates for play, one of which must be on a weekend, time to be mutually agreed (as above).

The Play Offs will be arranged by the Competition Secretaries on a set weekend date, neutral green, normally with a 10.00 for 10.30am start time.

The Interclub is played on a ‘play by date’ basis – one rink home, one rink away – until the semi-finals and final.  Each side (one entry per club) will consist of 2 rinks of 4 players. Failure to field 8 players will result in the opponent being awarded a walkover. Challenger to offer at least two dates, one of which must be a weekend.  Dates to be amicably agreed.  The time for commencing a game shall be mutually agreed but no side shall be compelled to accept a time earlier than 6.00pm.  Total shots of a side to determine the result; in the event of a draw the rink on the challenger’s green to play the extra end.  Members to play from one club only, which must be the one from which County Competitions are entered.

The Semi-finals and Final will be arranged by the Competition Secretaries on a set weekend date, neutral green, with 10.00 for 10.30am and 1.30 for 2.00pm start times. The match will consist of 21 ends. Before the start of the match, the nominated managers will toss a coin for the choice of jack (first end), the winner having the choice of keeping or giving the jack away. Then toss a coin to nominate which rink will play the extra end. The winner to nominate the name of the skip to play the extra end should one be required. This must be done prior to the match commencing. A further toss of a coin for choice of jack (extra end) should one be required. The winner has the option to make the choice immediately after the 21st end has been played. The number of shots on both rinks will determine the result. In the event of a tie after 21 ends then an extra end will be played by the nominated rink to determine the overall winner.

3 Finals Day

Finals of the competitions will be arranged by the Competition Secretaries on a set weekend date, on a green nominated for the finals, played during the day normally with 10.00 for 10.30am and/or 1.30 for 2.00pm start times. [Interclub excepted see above.]

4 Exceptional Weather Conditions

In the event of exceptional weather conditions where it is impossible to re-arrange a fixture before the completion date, the score in uncompleted matches in which teams have played five ends or more will stand as a result.  If the score is a tie then the result will be decided by the toss of a coin.  Matches not started and matches in which less than five ends have been played will be decided by the toss of a coin.

The Semi-Finals and Finals Day may be exempt from this rule and games/the event re-arranged.

5 Bowls

Bowls England Domestic Regulations to apply.  If stickers are attached to bowls then Regulation (Club) Stickers only (i.e. no other ‘decorations’) are permitted, all bowls belonging to individual players or players within a team should have the same Stickers if attached.

6 Dress

         The dress code in rounds up to and including the Semi-Finals shall be:

a) grey regulation skirts, culottes, plain trousers, crop trousers or BE approved shorts

b) white or registered club colours ‘above the waist’

The dress code in the Finals shall be:

a) white (as above) ‘below the waist,

b) white or registered club colours ‘above the waist’

General dress rules:

i) If club colours are worn all the team must wear them.

ii) Flat soled bowling shoes.

iii) Socks if visible should be white

iv) The wearing of hats is optional.  Headwear when worn should be white.  Green sun visors are accepted.

v) Approved bowls waterproofs may be worn (not rain-mate style headwear).

vi) Sandals will not be permitted except in medical circumstances where a doctor’s note has been provided.

vii) Players governed by requirements of a specific ethnic culture will be permitted to wear their traditional dress if they so desire.

7 Umbrellas

For health and safety reasons, players may not use umbrellas on or off the green while the game is in process.

8 Smoking and/or the Consumption of Alcohol

These are not permitted on or off the green by a player while the game is in progress.  Smoking includes all electronic cigarettes. The ‘green’ is deemed to include a minimum of 1 metre of the bank surrounding the playing area.

9 Substitution (in games leading to the National Championships)

a) In pairs, triples and fours, the players taking part in the first game shall constitute the team and shall normally play together throughout.

b) One additional, and the same player, may be used as a substitute at any time provided they have not already played. They may play in any position.

c) The named entrants conceding a walk over before their first game cannot act as a substitute, as this is considered a game played and lost.

d) The named entrants of a team cannot be a member or substitute of any other team.

e) If a substitute is required during a game then the rules in the Laws of the Sport of Bowls apply.

10 Withdrawals

a) An entrant unable to compete in any round must advise their Competition Secretary at least seven (7) days before in writing [e-mail is acceptable], if possible.

b) Singles games – ladies competing knowing they do not intend to/cannot play in a subsequent round will be penalised by not being permitted to enter that competition the next year.

c) Team games – teams competing, any of whose members know that they do not intend to/cannot play in all subsequent rounds and are not able to field a substitute, should be aware that all team members will be penalised by not being permitted to enter that competition the next year.

11 Complaints and Appeals

Appeals and complaints may be made in relation to the result of a game, the conduct of another player or players, a marker, an umpire or another individual present while the game is being played (such as a spectator who deliberately involves themselves in decisions made during a game).

a) All complaints must be made verbally by 10.00pm on the day of the incident to the relevant Competition Secretary.  Every complaint must be followed up in writing by 10.00am the following day to the relevant Competition Secretary detailing the grounds for the appeal.

b) The outcome of an appeal against a result will be decided by consultation between the four Competition Secretaries, this decision being delivered prior to the date for the next round of the relevant competition.  This process should normally include obtaining statements from all persons directly involved in the situation, either verbally or in written form (preferably in an e-mail).

c) Appeals against results may be made solely verbally, but only where the game is held on a day where several of the Competition Secretaries are gathered for ‘Final Rounds’.  The outcome will then be decided straight away by those Competition Secretaries present, if necessary involving the Umpire in the decision (if an Umpire is present).

d) Any further appeal against an outcome decided by the Competition Secretaries (which must be submitted in writing to the County Secretary) will be considered at a later date by the Women’s Division Management Committee.  Their decision will be final, but it cannot include again changing the result of the game.  Anyone directly involved in the appeal or complaint must not participate in this decision.  The County Secretary will convey this decision in writing.

e) In circumstances where a complaint is upheld and the result changed, but the actions of the person against whom the complaint has been upheld are considered to be sufficiently serious, the W D Management Committee is at liberty to ban that person from future competitions for a period that they will decide.

f) The Club Secretary of a player being banned will also be advised by the County Secretary.  An active ban follows someone changing clubs.

12 National Championships – Dress

Qualifiers will wear County Uniform at the National Championships in all competitions.

Guidance Notes

In singles play Markers should be able to communicate clearly with both players. When each   end is completed the Marker should record the score on the score card and tell the players the running totals of the scores. [If a score board is used it should also be kept up to date.]

Spectators and anyone else not directly taking part in the game should stay outside the boundaries of the green and clear of the players and should not disturb or advise the players in any way.

In the situation of play between a deaf player and a hearing player if a marker who can both sign and speak/hear is not available, whether it is a hearing player or a deaf player that is the Challenger, each should be allowed to use a person who can communicate with them and if this means that there are 2 ‘Markers’ on the green so be it. The 2 Markers must be nominated before commencement of the game and only they may communicate with the players as appropriate during the game. Unless otherwise agreed the Challenger’s Marker should maintain the scoring methods

Please refer any communications regarding competitions to relevant Competition Secretaries.

Results should be telephoned by 10.00pm to the relevant Competition Secretary as indicated in the handbook,

unless otherwise advised, on the day of play.

Competition rules